HSNEF Community Seniors Group

The Senior's Group of HSNEF is meeting on SATURDAY'S at 3.15 pm at HSNEF once a month

We had presentation from Joy Carol on Living Fully as we Age.

Hindu Society Seniors Group presents International Developmental Specialist Ms. JOY CAROL Joy Carol, who worked all over the world as an international development specialist, had an life changed. She was unexpectedly Paranecplastic Syndrome. She soon challenging and difficult for her. She could choose to be afraid. peraps stuck in a wheeranair ora hospital bed for the rest of her life: or she could choose to try to live a full, inspirational, and meaningful life - even with a crippling disability. 904-716-9772 (Prachi Rathi)| 904-477-0629 (Anil Pathak) | prachi@prismcs.net apathak@/watsonrealtycorp.com COST: FREE Joy will share her amazing and inspiring story with us on January 20 - how she chose to make life significant regarding her illness. You will want to join Joy as she shares ideas with us about living life fully as we age. and the body takes its inevitable course, yet what each of us can do to make our lives worthwhile. Join us • Date: January 20th 2024 • Time: 3:15pm to 5 pm (Arrive on time please) • Venue: 4968 Greenland Road, Jacksonville, FL 32258

Upcoming  Activities

Important upcoming dates for the general meeting.

April 20th 2024

May 11th 2024

June 15th 2024

It was also unanimously agreed upon that each senior member would contribute $125 for the whole year. (Towards the usage of the temple resources each month and otherwise).

Of course, those of you who are able to contribute more... We salute your generosity.

Please be prepared to bring a check of $125 for our October 21st meeting.

Let's build and maintain the momentum generated so far in the HSNEF SENIORS GROUP.

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HSNEF Community Seniors Group

Growing elder in age is a life course and gives people the opportunity to explore new activities and contribute to social and family life. Aging people are an important resource for the development of any community.

Your presence in society itself is a blessing and a cause of much respect and celebration of life. At the same time, being a senior can sometimes present challenges both for the elderly and for society. It is a well-documented fact that with age there can occur physiological changes that make this generation of people vulnerable to ailments and make them a bit more dependent on each other and on the younger generation.

In our efforts to help create a support network, we are establishing a platform thinking for the welfare of senior citizens in the North East Florida area.

Our goal is to create a customized and helpful environment to:

1) Obtain and share proper healthcare information
2) Provide support and suitable opportunities to get involved in the community
3) Access and bring awareness of existing resources for their overall increase in health and wellness
4) Foster social connections to exchange ideas and increase networking among seniors
5) Bridge the gap between the younger generation and the senior community in general

We want to ensure that suitable measures are adopted to give our seniors a life of dignity, care, and support. HSNEF is introducing and hosting a "Seniors Group Meetup" at the premises that would gather & connect once a month as a starting point and discuss topics of common interest and benefit.

We also welcome sponsors to provide food at these meetings and any interested volunteers to come forward and help. For more information, please contact [email protected]