Message from 2024 Chair – Anju Garg

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Message from Anju Garg 2024 Chair


Namaste Everyone,

Happy New Year 2024, Makar Sankranti, Bhogi, and Lohri to all of you. May lord Ganesha bless you all with happiness, wisdom, good health and prosperity. I am honored and excited to serve as the Chair of HSNEF for 2024.

HSNEF holds a special place in the hearts of its devotees. Let us work collaboratively and open a new chapter filled with inclusiveness and a shared common goal.

I would like to express my gratitude to the 2023 executive board for their dedicated services and looking forward to a successful journey together with the 2024 board
We had grand celebration to inaugurate the Yajnashala in January 2024. With the Yagnashala now open temple is introducing new services to conduct Havans for individual needs by our temple priest.

We invite you to come and participate in different pooja and cultural activities. The schedule of these events is posted every week. Keep yourself updated with our website

Facebook page

HSNEF relies upon donations from the devotees, life and annual member subscriptions, and special events. Join HSNEF by volunteering, contributing and participating in HSNEF events.

To volunteer at the HSNEF sign in at

You can serve the temple by joining the Executive Board and Advisory Committee.
There are many other ways you can serve the temple by joining these committee

  • Facilities and Maintenance Committee

  • Finance and Audit Committee

  • Special Events Committee

  • Nominations Committee

  • Children and Youth Committee

  • Senior Welfare Committee

  • Communications Committee

  • Safety and Security Committee

  • Human Resources Committee

  • Membership and Donor Relations Committee

  • Eat for God Cause (food) committee

Those who want to join the board or committee can read the Bylaws to check their eligibility by clicking this link

In the spirit of open communication, I invite each one of you to share your ideas, opinions or fund-raising opportunities by emailing me at  [email protected].

We are here to listen, learn and lead.
HSNEF is of the devotees, by the devotees and for the devotees.

Looking forward to working as a strong team with all of your collective support.

With warm regards,
Anju Garg
HSNEF Chair 2024 ([email protected])