Worship Information

Dear Patrons & Visitors,
Welcome to the Hindu Society of North East Florida. To maintain order, sanctity and decorum in our worship place it is essential to abide by the following:

  • No footwear in the worship hall, they MUST be placed in the shoe-rack outside the main doors
  • Maintain Silence at all times, Refrain from chit-chatting and murmuring
  • Turn off all Cellphones/Beepers
  • •No running/playing in the worship hall•
  • Please do not touch any of the idols

In case of an Emergency,

  • You are requested to walk out (no running) through the closest ‘Exit’ and stay at a safe distance. Please be aware of where the Exit’s are.
  • The administrative office  has a first-aid box, if the need arises
  • If any case 911 has to be called, the street address is 4968 Greenland Road

We thank you for caring for your temple and hope you have a pleasant and safe visit.