Local Organizations
of Indian Origin

The largest Indian community in Jacksonville area. They organize different functions like dandiya raas, garbha. Gujrati Classes are conducted to help people learn and write Gujrati. For more info Contact – Bakul Patel – 904-287-6208, Bhupendra Vira – 904-262-1243, Bipin Patel – 904-260-7675. or visit http://www.gsnef.org/
Jacksonville hosts “CHAITANYA” shakha of Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh. For more information contact Dilip Kothekar – 904-737-1269, Nikhil Tambe – 904-887-5093
This is a society for all indians in jacksonville. They organize Diwali night every year. Other activities include Independence Day celebrations, Republic day celebrations, Kite Festival, Annual Picnic. For more info visit http://www.jaxics.org or contact Pradip Shah at [email protected]
INDO-US was formed to unite the local Asian Indian professional and business community to ensure our long-term economic prosperity and the high quality of life we enjoy – For more information visit http://www.indousnefl.org/ or contact Parag Shah at [email protected]
JAXCARROM Club is an Open Carrom Club in Jacksonville which works for promoting carrom in North East region of Florida. The club holds Carrom practice sessions and men, women, kids open tournaments on a regular basis every year since 2006. Webiste www.jaxcarrom.org, Contact : [email protected]
Tamil Association catering to Tamils of Sri Lanka, India, US, Canada, UK origin. For more info visit http://jaxtamilmandram.org or contact Kalpana Ganesan / Subha Karthik at [email protected] / [email protected]
Jain Association of North East Florida is the local Jain Group in North East Florida. The purpose of the organization is to preserve, practice and promote Jain Dharma. For more information please visit http://www.jaxjaintemple.org or contact Vineeta Motiwala Email: [email protected]
JAXRAAGA Inc. is a South Indian Classical Carnatic Music Association based in Jacksonville, FL. The non-profit organization caters to music enthusiasts in and around Jacksonville. For more info visit http://www.jaxraaga.org/
Community for all the kannadigas in Jacksonville area. For more info Contact – Prakash Joshi – 904-645-7138
Bhajan, Shabad, Kirtan and Path recital in sangat. more information and schedule, please visit http://jaxgurudwara.org/. Contact person: Gurdev Singh or Narinder Singh.
Jacksonville has a large community of people who come from the state of Maharashtra, in India, or family ties to that region. The principle aim of the Mandal is to bind people of this this community together. For more info Contact Website – http://www.mmjaxfl.org or contact Sunita Hanchate at [email protected]
Members of Swaroopyog Pratishthan-Pune conduct a meditation and Dnyneshwari session from 2003 every Satuarday at 7 AM. Anyone interested in Meditation, Bhagwat Gita, Dnyaneswari are welcome to join. For more info about Swaroopyog visit – http://www.swaroopyog.net Local contact Shailesh Sohoni – 904-519-9741, Hemant Rangole 904-564-9208.
Community for all Telugu people in Jacksonville. This is the second largest Indian community in Jacksonville. For more info visit http://taja.us or contact Vamsee Srikakolapu at [email protected]