Inviting Application for Full-Time Priests

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Hindu Society of Northeast Florida (HSNEF), Jacksonville, Florida invites applications for full-time Hindu Priests for the Ganesh Temple of Hindu Society of Northeast Florida, Jacksonville Florida, to meet the temple community’s devotional and spiritual needs. Learned Priests are required, with Vedic/ Agama, Sanskrit Knowledge with interpreting skills with multi-language skills.

Job Description

•  Required to perform daily Vedic rituals/ceremonies and other priestly duties as
approved by HSNEF management, at the temple premises, and at off-site devotee locations as needed
•  Must be willing to work a revolving schedule
• The job performance and lifestyle should comply with accepted Hindu customs and traditions
• The Religious services should be provided for both North Indian and South Indian Sampradaya.

Qualification & Experience Requirements

1. Must be qualified as a Hindu priest in performing Shodasha Karmas including Apara (knowledge in performing Final rights) according to Hindu Dharma Shastra Scriptures, with certification from a known university, Hindu Religious Organization or any Indian Government (including State Government), or other qualified authority.

2. Must be well versed in Vedic rituals.

3. Must have served as a resident priest in Hindu Temples for at least five (5) years in India or abroad

4. Must have a working knowledge of English, Hindi, and multi-lingual ability in Indian Languages. Multi‐lingual ability is a plus.

5. Must have demonstrated communication skills and demonstrated ability to have good interpersonal skills to work with other priests, Devotees, Temple Staff, and Management

6. Must be experienced and willing to do the services in all Sanctums of the temple, have installed and Consecrated Sanctums of Lord Ganesha, Lord Shiva, Lord Venkateswara, Goddess Durga, Lord
Muruga, Goddess Lakshmi, Goddess Andal, Lord Krishna, Lord Rama, Navagrahas, Lord Anjaneya, Jain Mahavir Swami, and Chara Prathista of Utsava Murthis.

7. Must be willing to relocate to Jacksonville Florida within a reasonable amount of time after acceptance and signing of the employment contract and fully co-operate in the Visa application process as necessary.

8. Multiple years of experience in independently organizing major festivals or celebrations (for example Ganesh Chaturthi, Shivarathiri, Janamashatami, Satyanarayan Pooja, Kalyanautsavas, homas, vratams, pratisthas, brahmotsava, pavitrotsava, North Indian celebrations. spiritual lectures, satsangs, etc.) is desirable.

9. Experience in Alankara is desirable.

10. Must be proficient in performing all Yajnas

11. Ability to teach Veda mantras, stotras / slokas and their meanings to devotees is desirable

12. Ability to lead Bhajans, chant Stotras and group spiritual activities is

13. Broader understanding of traditional Hindu rituals and festivals in various regions of India is desirable.

14. Multiple years of work experience in temples in US is preferred.
- Ability to drive car and to travel independently is desirable.
- Collegiate education with a graduate degree and master’s degree is desirable.
- Basic knowledge in computer software applications (word, excel, email) is desirable.

Requirements for Vedic/ Agama Qualifications for Priest Position
1. Trained and well-versed in any one Vaishnava /Shiva of Shiava Agamam, Divya Prabandha

2. Certificate in Agama Pravara, Vara or Pravesa, from recognized Government Institutions

3. Certificate from TTD in Uttara Bhaga or Poorva Bhaga OR

4. Any other equivalent Certificate from a recognized institution.

Additional Requirements for Indian Sampradaya priest
1. Certificate from recognized institutions such as Sampuranananda Sanskrit Vishwavidyalaya in Banaras, Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan in Delhi, or any other known institution

2. Well-versed in Shukla or Krishna Yajurveda

Immigration Status

R1-Visa holders, US Permanent Residents (Green card), and US Citizens are preferred. However, HSNEF is willing to sponsor an R1 visa for the selected candidate.

Employment Agreement:
Initial employee agreement will be offered with a probationary period of one year of employment.

Salary and Benefits:
Salary and benefits will be commensurate with the candidate’s qualifications and experience. If you are interested in being considered for the vacant position, you will need to send email to [email protected] with all below details or send by mail at the address given below:

1. Provide CV/Resume with all the information requested.
2. Include with your application form Certificates and all relevant information that supports your candidacy. The set of information shall include at a minimum
a. Transcripts/certificates, current Passport copy (showing name, validation date, date of birth,
etc.,), and current citizenship or visa status and papers.
b. At least three (3) letters of recommendation are required.
c. Letter from Sanskrit/Vedic scholars, Letter from the previous employer.
d. Names and Contact Phone numbers of three (3) references. Temple Management will contact the references and the person who wrote the letter for further information in the final selection process
(References and an electronic version of chanting may be requested after an initial review of the

[email protected] for Priest Selection
Hindu Society of Northeast Florida,
4968 Greenland Road,
Jacksonville FL 32258 USA
Phone 904 268 7630