Coaching for SAT Math for Q1 2024

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Starting new session from June 8th 2024

First Come - First Serve -

We are happy to announce a partnership with SankatHaran Upadhyay  who has offered 2024 sessions to coach Children entering Grade 9 or higher to help enhance their SAT Math skills.

To retain focus, the capacity has limited Enrollment based on a First Come First Serve Basis.  Coaching is Online
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Prepare for a perfect score in SAT math
You can do it, I can help
Enrollment Open - Pay Online
Program Details
•    The program is for practicing. A student of grade 9 and above can enroll for one quarter at a time. 
•    2024-Q1 classes will start from 1/13/2024,
       every Saturday from 10-11 am
•    Each quarter will have 12 classes as follows
    Students will get a set of 25 questions every Saturday evening
    Next Saturday the teacher will answers the questions per students ask. 
    The classes will be Online on Zoom
•    Teacher: Sankat Haran Upadhyay, email address [email protected]
•    Organized by HSNEF - Fee $ 90 per student per quarter
Once we have 10+ students registered you will be asked to enroll.  
  • Fee $ 90 per student per quarter  
  • Students must be Gr-9 and higher
For registration - Click Link below
Student: Name, Grade in the upcoming school year, Phone# and email
Parents: Name, Phone# and email
If you have any questions, please contact the teacher at [email protected]
For enrollment, questions can send email to [email protected] 
Provide the following details while enrolling your child:
Contact:  Teacher at 904-446-6085, [email protected]
 Pay and Enroll Online >

Part of the collection of the fees benefits HSNEF.  Coaching is offered with the intent of gaining academic progress as a community service effort, HSNEF doesn't offer any guarantee of any results or oversight of this program.

Thanking You,

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