Ripples Youth Committee

HSNEF Ripples Youth Committee is the youth volunteer branch of the Hindu Society of Northeast Florida (HSNEF). The organization comprises of middle and high school students, who volunteer in events in Jacksonville and related to the temple. We attempt to help out our community in any way possible.
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HSNEF Ripple Townhall Where:HSNEF MP Hall Saturday February 10th 2024 11AM

Our Mission

We strive to engage the community youth in service projects for the benefit and betterment of the community, and hope to inspire many more to give and serve.

Upcoming Events

Participation Encouraged

1. Gate River Run- Saturday, March 2nd, 2024

2. Anand Bazaar- Saturday, March 30th, 2024

    Ripples Effect

    Positive consequences caused by a single action or event

    If you’re in 8th grade/high school and would like to serve as a Ripples volunteer with our youth in service projects, please sign up here.
    More about us! Scroll to learn more about the events we hold and the community we're about!
    Ripples partnered with HabiJax and Habitat for Humanity to create homes for the community.
    Ripples at the Gate River Run in March 2023! We provided water to hundreds of runners.
    Ripples helps with backstage work and food distribution at several events, including the annual HSNEF Gala!
    Several of our community's children came out to have fun at our Ripples Children's Carnival!

    Ripples Events

    1. Town Hall 2017-2023: These events, usually held at the beginning of the year, introduce new and old volunteers to the new line-up and leaders of Ripples while giving a chance for the volunteers to get to know each other, as they'll be volunteering with each other throughout several events over the year, which are went over by the new leads.
    2. Gate River Run 2017-2023: Ripples is a proud partner with the members of Gate River Run, which is typically held during March, and help out every year to help handle water stations and cheer on the fellow runners. It's a great opportunity to get hours and have fun!
    3. Anand Bazaar 2018-2023: Ripples volunteers help out with this annual temple event that occurs in the spring by distributing food and supervising different stations, from clothes to games, contributing to making the events successful each year.
    4. Gardening Projects/Temple Beautification 2017-2023: Volunteers help plant and and clean-up the temple, making our place of worship more beautiful than it was before. They usually happen during summer or early in autumn.
    5. Children's Carnival 2017-2023: These events, typically held between summer and fall, are organized and executed solely by Ripples, and are one of our most popular and fun events of the year. Children come out to play, eat, and watch performances, while volunteers help to make the events very successful for both Ripples and the temple.
    6. Annual Temple Gala 2018-2023: These temple events at the end of the year are filled with Ripples volunteers who help with distributing lots of food and helping backstage, marking yet another prominent and rewarding event for the kids and temple.
    7. Additional Events: Ripples helps out with other temple events during holidays like Navaratri and Diwali. Additionally, we have partnered with organizations like Raas for a Cause, and organization that helps kids battling cance; HabiJax/Habitat for Humanity, an organization that helps build houses for underserved communities and the homeless;  Foster Closet, an organization that provides impoverished kids and adults with essential items like clothing; Daniel Kids, an organization which provides services and support to help improve the lives of children and their families; Toastmasters, whose past affiliation with the temple and public speaking lessons it provided help Ripples host events like our 2023 debate; and BEAM, an organization that gardens and beautifies places throughout the city. There are many more, and Ripples plans to continue making partners with other local community members and organizations!


    Ripples Youth Committee Leaders

    Youth Committee Chair: kavita parikh
    mahak gupta
    Director: Ashwin goyal and aishani chatterjee
    Social Media Leads: aarushi koshal and sriya vemuri
    Tech Leads: pavitra nannapaneni and aryan nimmagadda

    Outreach Managers: Aryav jain and sachin budda