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If you’re in middle/high school and would like to serve as a Ripples volunteer with our youth in service projects, please sign up here.

Ripples Youth Committee

HSNEF Ripples Youth Committee is the youth volunteer branch of the Hindu Society of Northeast Florida (HSNEF). The organization comprises of middle and high school students, who volunteer in events in Jacksonville and related to the temple. We attempt to help out our community in any way possible.
Mentors: Riti Singh
Executive Board Liaison: Vamsee Srikakolapu
Directors: Rithik Gavvala and Kunal Hanchate
Social Media Leads: Shikar Jhalani and Subhash Patcha
Tech Leads: Lohith Srikakolapu and Isha Chekuri

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Ripple Effect

Why the name Ripples? The name was inspired by this definition:

Ripple Effect: a spreading effect or series of consequences caused by a single action or event.

We hope that every single event we do, inspires many more to give and serve.

What is our mission? To engage the community youth in service projects for the benefit & betterment of the community, and the society at large.
~ Ripple Effect ~of HSNEF Youth
We hope that every single event we do, inspires many more to give and serve.

2016-2017 Projects


Before Ripples was even formed, the to-be Ripples members did a car wash project at Anand Bazaar 2015. This was a good experience for the leads and helped us plan the car wash in September to raise funds for Akshaya Patra which turned out to be a big success. Check out the archives above for more 2015 projects.

  1. Anand Bazaar Car Wash (April 29th) : This event occurred on April 29th 2017, at the HSNEF temple. We washed a lot of cars and sold many concessions which allowed us to beat all previous records by raising $1250!!! Thank you to all the volunteers who volunteered and made this event an astounding success.
  2. Community Health Fair 2017 : This is an annual event where doctors come and treat all who come to the temple as well as answer any medical questions that they might have. We would like to thank all the volunteers that showed up as well as all the doctors who came and were willing to take the time to make our community healthy and happy.
  3. Town Hall 2017 : This was the first event run by the new 2017-1018 ripples team. This event was a way to see the upcoming projects a well as get to know the new team. We would like to thank all the volunteers and parents who came and joined us on this annual event.
  4. Ripples Garden 2017 : This was our first official garden cleanup event, since the creation of our Ripples Garden. Our volunteers came out and helped us maintain our garden by pulling weeds, trimming, and planting new plants.
  5. Daniel Kids 2017 : In this project, we teamed up with Daniel Kids. Daniel Kids is an organization which provides services and support to help improve the lives of children and their families. Our volunteers came out and had a sports day with the children.
  6. Children’s Day Carnival 2017: This was one of Ripples biggest annual events. Our volunteers helped make this event a success by helping with face painting, bounce houses, food, games and more. Together we raised more than $2,200!



  1. Gate River Run 2018: Ripples will be volunteering on March 10th to support all the runners who are in the Gate River Run. This event has always been great for the volunteers as they are able to set up a water station and hand out water to the runners. It is also way to cheer on your tech lead LOHITH SRIKAKOLAPU to the finish as he is a great runner and a even greater guy. The event starts in the morning to around 3 or 4 and is filled with fun and excitement. All of the volunteer spots for this event have been filled but you are always welcome to come and support us.