Clarity on dumping Unwanted articles & Donation receipts

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We would like to apprise the congregation about some key aspects related to bringing items to the Temple for donation, sale or to be picked up free of cost.
HSNEF has in effect a defined policy to guide all procedures related to donations. This policy is uploaded here on the website for ready access & reference.

No items should be brought to the Temple including Deity photos, framed pictures, agarbatis, lamps, coins, murtis, books, plants etc. or any other items to keep in the lobby, even if for a nominal price or to
give away for free, without first obtaining an express approval from a designated board member for the same.

Highlighted below are some specific items of this policy that relate to donation of items. We hope you will find this information helpful:

1) Devotees may donate ornaments, vastra/saris, kavacha, mukut and silver/gold items related to worship, after checking with and getting approval from the Chair, Worship Committee, or designee.

2) HSNEF cannot accept any other items except those the Society needs and are preannounced, solicited and preapproved by the Executive Board or its designee. Unneeded items will NOT be accepted.

3) All donations, once made become the property of HSNEF and are non-refundable and/or non-returnable

4) HSNEF may auction, sell, utilize or manage any donated item or property as it deems fit, at its sole discretion.

 5) HSNEF is not in a position to assign specific Fair Market Value (FMR) to any item(s) received. It will provide a receipt for the items received. HSNEF shall follow the same honor system as used by
Goodwill Corp or Salvation Army and require the donors to assign appropriate value to their donated
item for their purposes. Therefore, HSNEF will NOT assign or count donor-assigned value of donated items toward General Donation.

 6) HSNEF cannot purchase any items on behalf of devotees. The devotees wishing to donate pre-
approved items would need to make arrangements privately for their procurement.

 7) Devotees are encouraged to make cash/check donations. These will count toward the general donation and also help HSNEF utilize these funds where, in its estimate, the need is greatest.

1)    A numbered receipt MUST be provided to all donors for any contribution or donation, whether in cash/check or kind, and a copy of the receipt kept for HSNEF use.
2)    The receipt must reflect the amount of cash/check donation that is eligible and that is not eligible to
be applied toward General Donation.
3)    In-kind contributions do NOT qualify as General Donation.