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Register by August 16 2020
Hindi Class 2021

Register your child for a new batch of Hindi Classes Starting Sept 6th. thru May 30 2021
Online Classes Every Sunday 5:30 pm.  


New batch of Hindi Classes (online) will be starting from Sunday, September 6th. In year 2019-2020 we (Sandip Gupta, Kiran Gupta, Ritu Sharma) successfully taught 36 students and all have been promoted to next level by

Please see details below to register and pay for  your child. 
If you interested in becoming a teacher, please send e-mail to
[email protected]  or call (904) 260-7630 

These classes are taught to the community entirely as a volunteer service  where all proceeds benefit the temple and go towards study material to HindiUSA. 

The Last day to register is August 16th since we need about two weeks to get books in time from HindiUSA.

Thank You.

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$100 Fee for
HSNEF Members
$150 Fee for 

Learn to Read, Write, and Converse in हिंदी

Structured Syllabus
Various learning levels.
Teachers to match learning goals
Books written by hindiUSA, founded 2001
Fees include books and tests
Last Day to REGISTER SUNDAY 08/16/2020 
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