Yoga & Creativity for Kids 2016

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Dear Devotees,

Please see below for the details of a new program ‘Yoga and Creativity for Kids’.  Please send an email to [email protected] to register for the class.

Program Details
Event: Yoga and Creativity for Kids.
Ages: 6 Years to 12 Years.
Conducted by: Amita Dave, RYT200. Malini Thotli, CDA.
Dates: Tuesday, July 5
Monday, July 11
Monday, July 18
Monday, July 25
Times: 9.00 a.m. – 12.00 noon.
Volunteers: Teachers will provide if needed.
Fees: Fees: Full registration (four days) $50.00/child for Members and $75.00/child for Non Members. Hundred percent donation to HSNEF.
Limit Enrollment to: 30 participants.
Purpose of Program: To introduce yoga, pranayama, and meditation to children in fun, kid appropriate terms. To promote in the children, benefits of yoga, meditation, and pranayama. And to foster in children an understanding, appreciation, and respect for Indian values and culture.
Participant Learning and Activities: Participants will learn to become aware of their breath and their thoughts. They will learn how focusing on their breath, can bring about calm to their minds. They will learn the meaning of the words and Namaste. They will learn chanting of simple mantras and the power of chanting to calm their minds and emotions. They will learn yoga postures that help build a strong core, and bring flexibility, and balance to their bodies. They will be introduced to the concept of interconnectedness of mind-body-soul. The workshop will be interspersed with interesting child appropriate craft activities which will reinforce the concepts learnt in the yoga sessions, and challenge their creativity and abilities to newer heights.  Participants will also learn the importance of healthy eating and good nutrition in their daily practice of yoga. Throughout all the sessions the students will build together as a team an activity to showcase their learnings to parents towards the end of the concluding day. At the end of the workshop children will earn a certificate of participation.
Materials: Teachers will provide (voluntarily) craft activity materials.
Snack Items: Teachers will also provide (voluntarily) one healthy snack item and one healthy beverage each day to the participants.

If a parent wants to opt out, they may send their own with the child.  If a child has special food related needs, parents are requested to send their own with the child.

Participants to Bring with Them: Yoga / exercise mat; water to drink if they choose to do so; J stomachs with light breakfast, preferably eaten before 8.30 a.m.
Dress Code: Comfortable clothing, no dresses (shorts / pants / salwar required)
Expectations from Parents / Guardians: Child will be pre-registered. All necessary forms will be completed at time of registration. These will include but may not be limited to emergency contact information, permissions for workshop participation pictures of participants, and food allergy / intolerances information. Parents will drop off and pick up their child / children on time.
Commitment from Teachers: We will make every attempt to make the class enjoyable for the students, an atmosphere of fun and friendliness in which students feel comfortable to inquire and ask questions, and learn and grow from the experience. We will try to make this a workshop which when the participants look back upon in their later years, they can say that it was an experience of their childhood that had a strong, memorable, and positive impact on their life.

-HSNEF EB 2016

How to Register?
Email: [email protected]