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Starting new session from August 22 2020
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• Student must take Assessment test to qualify for enrollment

First Come - First Serve - Maximum 40 Enrollments

Prepare for a perfect score in SAT math
You can do it, I can help.-- SankatHaran Upadhyay

We are happy to announce partnership with SankatHaran Upadhyay  who has offered a 2nd session to coach Children entering Grade 8 or higher this summer to help enhance their SAT Math skills.

To retain focus, the capacity has limited Enrollments based on a First Come First Serve Basis.  Coaching is Online, 2nd Batch Classes Begin August 22nd, Complete Assessment by August 9th.

More details below ▽

Prepare for a perfect score in SAT math
You can do it, I can help
Enrollment Open
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Program Details
  • • Student must take Assessment test to qualify for enrollment
  • Click this link to take the Assessment Test by 8/09/20
  • 12 classes of 2 hours each. 2 classes per week starting from 8/22/20

  • Starts with a test to assess the level of students on 8/9/20

  • Teacher: Sankat Haran Upadhyay, an IIT graduate

  • Teaching on Zoom, and tests on Kahoot, homework on Khan Academy

  • Organized by HSNEF – Fee $150 per student

  • Student must be going to Grade 8 or higher classes

  • Enrollment is Open Now.  Limited seats based on FCFS basis

  • If there are more than 24 enrollments, then there will be two groups

  • Group-1 will have classes on Saturday 1-3 pm
    Group-2 will have classes on Sunday 6-8 pm

  • HSNEF will be compensating the teacher from part of the collection.

For enrollment questions can send email to [email protected] 
Provide the following details while enrolling your child:

Student’s Name, email, Grade going to

Parent’s Contact: Name, email, Phone#

Contact:  Teacher at 904-446-6085, [email protected]
 Pay and Enroll Online >

Part of the collection of the fees benefit HSNEF.  Coaching offered with intent of gaining academic progress as a community service effort, HSNEF doesn't offer any guarantee of any results or oversight of this program.

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