Requirements for Temple Manager Role

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Temple Manager Job Description

The position is responsible for the overall management functions for The Hindu Society of Northeast Florida including but not limited to the following:
Data Management
-Membership Records: Maintain and keep up-to-date database of all general, Life and potential members, and donors in all categories including address, email & contact numbers.
-Doner, Donation Database: Maintain cumulative donor & donations database, including pledges.
-Correspondence: Business correspondence related to the management of the Society and as requested by the Board or Standing Committee Chairs.
-Membership Communications: Preparation & distribution of Sandesh and any special mailings or communications to the membership.
- Website: Maintenance & timely update, as necessary.
Bookkeeping and Fiscal Control
– Assist the Treasurer in establishing and maintaining general ledger accounting system, verification of bills received, processing of revenues, deposits, disbursements, bank statement reconciliation, budget projection, and preparation for internal & external audits.
Meetings And Follow-Up
– Schedule meetings, prepare agenda, generate minutes of the Board and General Body meetings, and undertake administrative follow-up and implementation of actionable items generated from these meetings.
- To attend all Board meetings and work with various committees to help implement the collective decisions of the board.
-Assist in the follow-up and implementation of tasks delegated by Chairs of Worship, H.R, Communications, and other standing and ad hoc committees, as needed.
Work Manuals and Bylaws
– Be very familiar with existing HSNEF work manuals, policies and procedures including Employee Handbook; Worship, Safety & Security, Maintenance Committee and other Committee Manuals as well as the Constitution and Bylaws; Maintain & update these, as directed by the Board or appropriate Standing Committee.
Repository of Society’s Documents
-Ensure proper system of filing, retrieval and maintenance of all Society’s documents (electronic & hard copy) including Board and other Committee minutes, official correspondence, Sandesh issues, By-laws, a roster of Board & Advisory Committee members, Standing Committee Chairs by calendar year etc. as the official business/operational record of the Society.
-Assist the Finance Committee/Treasurer in preparing financial reports by categories of income and expense, trending at appropriate intervals, and generating reports as directed by the Board or Standing Committee, as requested.
Fund Raising and Donor Relations
-Provide leadership and work with the appropriate committee(s) to facilitate fundraising and Capital campaigns in all their aspects, including charging monthly credit card pledges, timely reminders to those paying in installments (semiannually/annually) etc., ensuring that thank you letters are mailed in a timely manner to all donors, running reports to track cumulative donation amounts, updating pledges and Life member& acknowledgment board etc.
Liaison With Vendors and Contracted Professionals
-Interface with various vendors, contracted services e.g., security service, lawn maintenance, janitorial, pest control, garbage disposal, handy-man, HVAC repair and maintenance, roofer, termite bond carrier etc. and also Society's insurance agent, accountant and other entities as necessary.
Managing Facility Use and Rentals
- Oversee efficient scheduling of the use of classrooms and multi-purpose halls.
- Manage Facility Rentals with the assistance of the Society’s Secretary and oversee that the rental agreement stipulations are adhered to.
Supervisory Role
-Supervise the office staff and their functioning, and facilitate a conducive, productive & efficient work environment.
Volunteer Pool & Relations
-Help build & maintain a volunteer pool to assist in various functions of the Temple & Society, as & when  necessary. Help coordinate volunteer engagement appropriately and keep volunteers acknowledged and motivated.
Inventory Control
– Establish, update and maintain an inventory of items owned by the Society.
Year End Transition
– Maintain & update a Checklist and assist in ensuring an efficient, complete, and timely year-end transition.
-Serve as a link to the Society's elected governance from one year to the next. For this responsibility, the manager is expected to be intimately knowledgeable of the policies and procedures of the Society and various committees.
-The Manager is expected to play a key role to ensure an efficient transition process.
Will be directly accountable to the Vice Chair or another member specifically designated by the Board, and through him/her to the H.R. Committee, the Chair & ultimately to the Board.
 Have a demonstrated ability to work hard, think strategically, to problem solve.
 Be a self-starter, have a positive attitude, and the ability to motivate others.
 Possess excellent people & networking skills with an aptitude to relate to and communicate effectively.
 Capacity to plan, organize and execute projects from start to finish.
 Competence with business correspondence.
 Proficiency with word processing, QuickBooks, Excel and Microsoft office.
 Practical experience in managing non-profit organization, knowledge of accounting basics and some experience with bookkeeping are a plus.
This will be a part-time position.
Please specifically also convey: 
1. The number of hours per week: {20 to 25 expected.}
2. Expected Schedule: Days per week: { Expected 4 Weekdays and 1 Weekends Day }
The compensation will be commensurate with skills, qualifications, and experience.
Please send a response and interest with details addressed to:

[email protected] for Temple Manager Role
Hindu Society of Northeast Florida,
4968 Greenland Road,
Jacksonville FL 32258