Letter From EB – Progress Updates, Requesting Help!

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Letter From Executive Board - Progress Updates, Requesting Your Help! ☜
Namaste! Dear Devotees,

Amidst the concerns of Corona Virus, HSNEF has positive news to share! We are happy to inform you that the construction project has started and is making good progress. We do hope you are staying connected with the Temple by joining online in daily Live worship services and scheduled special events as conducted with love and care by our esteemed priests, Pandit Shreenathji & Pandit Balaji.

In February of this year, we were in the final stages of Bank loan approval and Contract negotiation for our Phase 1 construction Project. Since the contract was signed before the Covid-19 lockdown, we have already started the work in great faith. To give you a brief idea of the construction effort: we will be moving the existing pond to a new location with fountains. We will be doing all the necessary electrical and landscaping work and add more parking. As early as August 2020 (per currently estimated timelines), we will be in a position to enjoy a beautiful pond and many additional car parking spots in our Temple premises!

Our Building and Architecture teams along with other members are staying on top of the construction, they are contributing with care and plans behind the scenes in bringing the project to reality. We are sure with all your unconditional support and contribution to our Temple we will complete the Phase 1 construction successfully.

We do have a big financial commitment on our shoulders, for which we are counting on your support. In line of this pandemic, the temple has lost all its daily visitors, offerings, inside & outside poojas, most priestly services, classes, rentals of MPH & classrooms. Our operational expenses related to payroll, utilities, insurance, property & yard upkeep have not stopped. We as a community had to postpone Anand Bazaar, cancel Holi with ICS, and other major fundraisers which were planned. Your presence and spending contribute to the revenues of our temple every year, which was missed. We ask you to please consider making a gift today to sustain our Temple that we so love & which gives us so much in return. As the community recovers from this crisis, let’s make sure our Temple stays in a strong footing – with everyone pitching in, we can ensure this! We request your generous donations which will much help tide the temple through this. 

It is only because of you our well-wishers, founder members, and all the Donors we are able to keep marching forward during such delicate times. We request everyone from the community to support and contribute towards our sustenance and growth. Please do consider making your contribution to us -  As always, we welcome your inputs and questions.

Let us all come together and Build Together! 

Thanks & Regards,