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New Deities Approval Process & Committee Details

Dear HSNEF Community Member,

Executive Board -2017 is considering a proposal to install new deities of “Ayyappa, Murugan, Saraswati and Navagraha in HSNEF temple”. Process has started as per the by-laws and a new committee is conducting a feasibility study. Committee will provide its recommendation within 45 days. This notice is for awareness of the community at-large.

New committee consist of 9 members from each category as written in by-laws. Below is the list of members

3 Executive Board – Vamsee S, Sandip G, Raj S
2 AC – Rajat S, Mani P
1 Constitution By-Laws – Chitra P
1 Building Arch – Vipin K
1 Worship Committee – Tracy K
1 Finance Audit – Kalyan K

New chair for the formed committee is Tracy Khona.

Please reach out to the committee members for any questions and suggestions or e-mail [email protected].


Execute Board – 2017


Express your thoughts! Please reach out