Collective, Powerful 45 Minute Guided Meditation practices followed by 15 minute of Experience Sharing, and Spiritual Discussion. Open & Free For All.
Inviting the community to come together and Meditate - come join Collective Guided Weekly Meditation sessions at the Hindu Society of NE Florida for 45 mins covering established meditative practices, followed by 15 minutes of sharing experiences and discussion on spiritual topics. Open & Free For All
Welcoming all age groups from beginners to advanced meditators to come participate in these sessions that give extensive focus to channel our prana (life force) and breath work while activating our inner strength and potential.
The vibrations from collective practices are very powerful which can bring rapid healing and positive results. To succeed in current times we need greater mental focus and create higher awareness to balance our mind, body, and soul. Going inwards, meditative practices activate our perception, outlook, and actions which truly leads to peace, manifestation, and fulfillment.
During these sessions, we will also be inviting several advanced teachers with their perspectives, teachings, and techniques to provide maximum benefit to attendees.
This is a volunteer effort, not affiliated with any particular religious group, only conducted with pure intent of sharing knowledge and expanding the community's harmony and wellbeing.