Updated: April 26, 2020

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we have to postpone Hindu Camp 2020 indefinitely. Many of you have already sent in checks as a form of payment for camp, and we want to assure you that these checks will not be cashed, and you will not be charged for Hindu Camp 2020.

Hindu Day Camp - Summer 2020
Get ready for 2020 Hindu Day Camp
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Update: Feb 4, 2020
Due to extremely high demand, all of the spots for session 1 of Hindu Camp have been filled up this year. If you sent your application after the first session spots filled up, we will email you soon to ask if your child is interested in participating in second session. We will also be emailing everyone who sent in an application to confirm that we received it. If you have nor yet sent in an application, please be aware that only session 2 spots are available. Thank you for understanding!

Session A//June 1st - 5th & June 8th - 12th 2020 - FULL
Session B// July 6th - 10th & July 13th - 17th 2020

Hello everyone!

We, Aneesh Chatrathi and Shreyas Muthyala, would personally like to introduce ourselves as your 2020 Directors of Jacksonville Hindu Day Camp. Jacksonville Hindu Day Camp is a two week long day camp that explores the various themes and cultural aspects of Hinduism, while also allowing campers to make lasting connections.

This year, the First Session of camp will be held June 1st-5th and June 8th-12th, and Second Session will be held July 6th-10th and July 13th-17th.

In terms of the way the camp is run on a day to day basis, the first half of the day we focus on the more traditional aspects of Hinduism, implemented through our morning puja, Sanskrit classes, and philosophy lessons. Every year we choose a theme, and this year, our theme will be the Tridevi. This theme will be incorporated throughout the camp, but will mostly be implemented through the philosophy lessons, as we will instill core Hindu values through stories surrounding the theme. Following lunch, we begin more of the fun activities such as clubs and our special activity. The club that a camper participates in will be decided on the answers given in the application; each camper has a choice of arts and crafts, dance, or drama, and our older campers (grades 9th and 10th) will be in C.I.T, or counselor in training. In addition, rising 11th and 12th graders are eligible to apply to be camp counselors.  The special activity of the day is different per day and aims to focus on a certain Hindu holiday or celebration (Holi, Diwali, Raakhi), or a day related to the theme (Rangoli, India Day).

There will be an information meeting about the camp on May 30, 2020 from 11-12 at the temple, regarding the way the camp is run and daily schedule. We will always have an adult volunteer stationed at all hours, while the camp is being run, and will also have a doctor on call if anything does happen.

This year we will be taking 100 campers for each session. These spots are first-come, first serve. So even though the deadline is May 01, 2020, we generally fill up much sooner.

If you submit an application after we have filled up, you will be placed on a waiting list until space is available. Electronic copies of the application (both counselor and camper) are here.

If you have any questions about the camper application please contact Aneesh Chatrathi at (904)-864-8134 and about the counselor application please contact Shreyas Muthyala at (904)-295-5325. For any other questions, you may call either one of us, or email us at [email protected]

Please be sure to MAIL the camper applications to:
6495 Huntscott Place, Jacksonville, FL 32258

(For counselor applications: do NOT mail your counselor app, please email it to us at [email protected]; if it is mailed, there is a high chance that it may be overlooked)

We look forward to working with you, and hope to see your child this summer!

Aneesh Chatrathi and Shreyas Muthyala
Email: [email protected]

(Hindu Camp Directors)