Jagrata – Sat – September 23 – Event Details

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Jagrata: Third Vishal Bhagwati Jagran – All Night is happening on Saturday/Sunday September 23rd/24th, 2017

Event Details: Sept 23 th, 2017 – Saturday

Dear Devotees,


This is with great pleasure and utmost satisfaction that Hindu Society of North East Florida would like to extend to you all an Ernest invitation for your active participation in the upcoming “ Third Vishal Bhagwati Jagran/Jagratra”  on Saturday/Sunday September 23rd /24, 2017 at Greenland Road Hindu Temple, details are hereby in the attached Flyer.

As in previous years  blissful experience and eventual success of”Vishal Bhagwati Jagran” that prompted, enthused and encouraged the Society to celebrate this year too with greater involvement and commitment. As we all are well aware nothing moves without the collective help, so Society solicits your support and assistance by way of Sponsorship and material contributions and will be highly appreciated.

Jagran/Jagratra night is not an ordinary night; it has a tremendous import on every one of us as briefly submitted by a devotee here under.

“Oh! Dear Mother Goddess on this night.
We have assembled here with our sublime devotion.
Help us to find YOU in all your glory.
Enable us to discover the hidden paths YOU have made for us.
Please listen to our unspoken words and inexpressible sentiments.
THOU are the absolute power. THOU are the spring of infinite wisdom.
THOU are the sacred and ultimate knowledge. THOU are the sacred and unconditional love.
THOU are everything to us, the beginning, the middle and the end.
THOU are the abode of overall protection.
THOU are our savior, support and solace.
Shower THY grace on this moment of transcendence.
Bless us! Bless us! Bless us! “

The sponsorship for the whole Event is $151.00.

The sponsorship privileges the devotee to have his/her Sanklapa included in the Inaugural prayer, so please provide your family details (Names and Gotra) along with your contributions for the purpose at the Temple office.

Interested devotees need to bring their own “CHUNNI” to be presented/offered to “MAA BHAWANI.

For KANYA PUJA, devotees are free to bring their materials for gifting to the KANYAS present there at that time.

Throughout the night there will be adequate arrangements for Tea, light snacks and drinking water. Need sponsors
At the end of Jagran/Jagratra Aaarti, please ensure that you have the Prasad.

Let us together make this occasion highly fulfilling and satisfying!


Thanks for your support

We also want to remind you that all proceeds and contributions directly benefit HSNEF – which is a registered 501c Non-Profit charitable organization.

As always, we truly appreciate all your support and your active solidarity.

Thanking You,

Jagrata - 3rd Annual Jagrata at HSNEF Flyer