Cleanliness next to Godliness – Campaign

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 Help each other in this on-going effort to keep our place of worship clean.

Dear Devotees,

You may find below image disturbing but this is a recent picture after an event at the temple.Several of you have already expressed concern, this is an attempt to raise awareness and provide some guidelines how we can prevent this from happening in future. Please look past the image for some guidelines, so we all can be “Good Samaritan” and Help each other in this on-going effort to keep our place of worship clean.
Watch Trash Accumulated At HSNEF

You can help – Do your part!

1. If you are sponsoring an event please assign a volunteer lead and couple of other volunteers from the group for clean up responsibilities.Lead volunteer is responsible for

a) Overseeing the trash bins overflow
b) Collecting additional trash bags from HSNEF staff
c) Taking filled bags out to dumpster
d) Properly cleaning the tables and chairs before storing them

2. Several people look at the situation but do not know who to approach. Please contact temple office staff for additional trash bags and please help out in the cleaning process.

3. Filled trash bags need to be put in the dumpster in the parking lot. It may be a walk for some, but that’s the best way to handle it and keep temple premises sanitized.

4. If this is a temple organized event, please volunteer in the clean-up process. Several volunteers have already stepped up and ready to help with suggestions of forming a 4 member team for the event.

5. Please put all trash in trash bins and avoid over-flow. Do not hesitate to contact temple staff for assistance.

Thanks to All Volunteers who helped shape this awareness campaign

P.S. Please watch above video Directed by Ramana Murthy. He takes on another sensitive topic describing difficulty of Indian organizations trying to rent a place for a community function. 


As always, we truly appreciate all your support and your active solidarity.

Thanking You,