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 God bless Chennai’s residents to give enough strength, resolve to recover and return to normalcy.

Dear Devotees,

Chennai (Madras, India), home to the forefathers of some of us in our congregation, has been pounded by torrential rains that are being called the worst in a century. The city is at a standstill with roadways/bridges submerged, trapping people in homes, or worse submerging their homes altogether. Accessibility to shelter, food & medicines has become a major issue.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Chennai and the brave people residing there. We are working with our local Tamil association – JTM (Jacksonville Tamil Mandaram) to provide support. They are in touch with few volunteer services in Chennai where there is a huge need for food, medicines, blankets, clothes and shelter.

You can help by clicking here to support Chennai Flood Relief by contributing to the Tamil Nadu Flood Relief Fund

Please donate as much as you can to help support the Tamil Nadu flood victims. Please share this link liberally to all your friends.

Please keep the brave people of Chennai in your prayers.
Here is the photo of a submerged temple on Dec 2, courtesy WSJ:


As always, we truly appreciate all your support and your active solidarity.

Thanking You,